Alcheringa, fall 1970, vol.1 no. 1   

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Volume One, Issue One Autumn, 1970 Dennis Tedlock & Jerome Rothenberg 84 PDF, 2.2 MB
    Contributing Editors: Kofi Awoonor, Ulli Beier, Stanley Diamond,
  Dell Hymes, David P. McAllester, Gary Snyder, Nathaniel Tarn

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As the first magazine of the world's tribal poetries, ALCHERINGA will not be a scholarly "journal of ethnopoetics" so much as a place where tribal poetry can appear in English translation & can act (in the oldest & newest of poetic traditions) to change men's minds & lives. While its sources will be different from other poetry magazines, it will be aiming at the startling & revelatory presentation that has been common to our avant gardes. Along the way we hope

-by exploring the full range of man's poetries to enlarge our understanding of what a poem may be

-to provide a ground for experiments in the translation of tribal/oral poetry & a forum to discuss the possibilities & problems of translation from widely divergent cultures

-to encourage poets to participate actively in the translation of tribal/oral poetry

-to encourage ethnologists & linguists to do work increasingly ignored by academic publications in their fields, namely to present the tribal poetries as values in themselves rather than as ethnographic data

-to be a vanguard for the initiation of cooperative projects along these lines between poets, ethnologists, songmen, & others

-to return to complex/"primitive" systems of poetry as (intermedia) performance, etc., & to explore ways of presenting these in translation

-to emphasize by example & commentary the relevance of tribal poetry to where we are today: thus, in Gary Snyder's words, "to master the archaic & the primitive as models of basic nature-related cultures ... knowing that We are the first human beings in history to have all of man's culture available to our study, & being free enough of the weight of traditional cultures to seek out a larger identity"

-to assist the free development of ethnic self-awareness among young Indians & others so concerned, by encouraging a knowledgeable, loving respect among them & all people for the world's tribal past & present

-to combat cultural genocide in all its mamifestations.