Alcheringa, New Series, 1977, vol.3 no. 2   

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Volume Three, Issue Two New Series, 1977 Dennis Tedlock 152 PDF, 7.4 MB
    Editorial Assistant: Marc Alan Widershien
  Contributing Editors: David Antin, Kofi Awoonor, Ulli Beier,
  Alan F. Burns, Stanley Diamond, Charles Doria, Everett Fox,
  Dell Hymes, Robert Kelly, Harris Lenowitz, David P. McAllester,
  William Mullen, Simon Ortiz, Gary Snyder, Nathaniel Tarn,
  Jeff Titon

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Reverend Sherfey, "I'm Here and I Don't Know Why I'm Here" and two excerpts from "Dressed in the Armor of God," recorded in Falls Church, Virginia, July 9, 1976, and Stanley, Virginia, Summer 1977

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"Debaghaale Arr Dilley aragten," a Somali folktale told by Zahra Abdi Kareem to Abdi Sheik-Abdi, recorded in Albany, New York, June 6, 1977

[Of Poetics]

Robert Kelly

And it would be that way with the two of them
the whole winter
sometimes talking sometimes
he thought it was poems they were writing or she
was writing in him
from all that distance

out of the common snow that this year
had its way with the whole seaboard
there was no home
after all
of being different
they loved each other & were far

she was writing in him
& sometimes they came onto the paper
like snowmobile tracks found at morning
up their hill theirs no
longer & not even a memory
of some hard noise in the night
to show what but they knew full well what
had gone that way

that poetry
is as brutal as such machines
& leaves tracks on a less perishable surface
from which the person or personality of whoever was driving
has long ago been able to disappear
back in his private ranch-house.