Alcheringa, New Series, 1976, vol.2 no. 1   

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Volume Two, Issue One New Series, 1976 Dennis Tedlock & Jerome Rothenberg 152 PDF, 4.5 MB
    Editorial Assistant: Paul Kahn
  Contributing Editors: David Antin, Kofi Awoonor, Ulli Beier,
  Stanley Diamond, Charles Doria, Dell Hymes, Harris Lenowitz,
  David P. McAllester, William Mullen, Simon Ortiz, Gary Snyder,
  Nathaniel Tarn

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Son House, Conversion Experience Narrative, recorded by Jeff Titon

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Songs of Ritual License from Midwestern Nigeria, Vocalists: Awawo, wife of John; Ogiepo, son of Aimiebo; Asegieme, son of Obemata, recorded by Jean Borgatti

A Note On Negro Poetry

Tristan Tzara, trans. Pierre Joris

"I don't even want to know that there were men before me" (Descartes), but some essential & simple laws, pathetic & muffled fermentation of a solid earth.

To fix on the point where the forces have accumulated, from whence the formulated sense springs, the invisible radiance of substance, the natural relation, but hidden and just, naively, without explanation.

To round off and regulate into shapes, into constructs, the images according to their weight, color and matter; or to map the arrangements of the values, the material and lasting densities, subordinating nothing to them. Classification of the comic operas sanctioned by the aesthetic of accessories. (O, my drawer number ABSOLUTE.)

I abhor to enter a house where the balconies, the "ornaments", are carefully stuck to the wall. Yet the sun, the stars continue to vibrate and hum freely in space, but I loathe to identify the explanatory hypotheses (asphyxiant probable) with the principle of life, activity, certainty.